Community Involvement


Heritage Club’s motto is “people helping people,” and so By-Town chapter’s primary focus in choosing an annual cause of choice is that the charity exists to help people.  Some charities work with animals to provide therapy to people in need. Other examples might include mental health support groups, or groups offering activities for children with life-threatening or chronic illnesses. In choosing a charity, the chapter Executive Committee considers the following criteria:

  • Is the charity small enough that it can benefit from our level of contribution?
  • Is it a local, community-based charity?
  • Does it provide services to people within our community or city?
  • If it is part of a larger organization, will the funds be used locally?
  • Does the charity operate within the social services sector, i.e. is its focus on providing basic needs and support to people?
  • Is it a registered charitable organization?

 By-Town’s Causes of Choice for 2017 are:

VETS Canada:

Veterans Emergency Transitions Services is committed to helping homeless and at-risk veterans reintegrate into civilian life. A grassroots movement, VETS Canada began in Halifax, with volunteers helping homeless and at-risk veterans reintegrate into civilian life. This movement has grown into a federally registered non-profit charity that has hundreds of dedicated volunteers across the country. They work within the community to identify homeless veterans and quickly re-establish the bond of trust that exists between soldiers. In Ottawa, the organization’s Boots on the Ground hits the streets monthly, armed with backpacks full of supplies and toiletries, to look for vets in need. Learn how to help here.

Jeff Murphy, from Vets Canada, accepts a donation from By-Town Chapter President Claude Bruneau and member Diane Pitre.

Gatineau Social Pediatric Centre

The Gatineau Social Pediatric Centre empowers families, and others involved with children, to ensure children are treated with respect and dignity. The Centre welcomes vulnerable, at-risk and children battling illness, to help them to restore their health and hope, and develop to their full potential. The Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Gatineau organizes many activities for children to support their full development. On those occasions, hundreds of volunteers offer their time and expertise to CPSG – if you’d like to help, learn more here.


By-Town President, Claude Bruneau presents a cheque to Marlene, a volunteer from the Gatineau Social Pediatric Centre. Member Pierre Lemieux, also pictured, recommended the organization.

Canada Post Community Foundation

With five years of fundraising and grants under its belt, the Canada Post Community Foundation is meeting its promise to deliver a brighter future for Canadian children and youth. In 2016 The Foundation granted almost $1.2 million in vital support to 125 community organizations across Canada. From breakfast programs, anti-bullying initiatives, camps for children living with serious illnesses, early literacy programs, crisis lines, health programs, recreational programs or special education programs, each program supported helps that community with their most vital resource—their children. Members who wish to volunteer for the Foundation can participate in its annual grant review process – helping to determine where the Foundation’s funds should be allocated. An email invitation will be sent to all members during the application review process each spring.

2016 Najda Refugee Sponsor Group and Canada Post Community Foundation

Najda Refugee Sponsors update:

In 2016, By-Town Chapter lent its support to Najda Refugee Sponsors, a local community group working toward sponsoring a Syrian family displaced from their homes by war conflict. Together, By-Town members raised some $1,000 for Najda’s cause.

In early May 2017, after more than a year’s wait, Najda was finally assigned a family! The Hajj Ahmads – husband Moutie, wife Kawthar, and their four-year son Maysam Moutie – are expected to arrive in the summer to start a new life in Canada, and preparations are underway in earnest. If you would like to assist with such daytime tasks as applying for a bus pass, driver’s license, shopping, arranging for telephone service, setting up a bank account, getting kids enrolled in school, etc., your time would be welcomed. If you wish to help out, please contact Marjolaine Provost at to indicate your interest or for more information.

2015 – Canada Post’s Community Foundation 
2014 – Canada Post’s Community FoundationLiveWorkPlay 
2012, 2013 – Canada Post’s Community Foundation, Ottawa Therapy Dogs
2010, 2011 – Canada Post’s Foundation for Mental Health 
2009 – Hospice at May Court 
2008 – Ottawa’s Seven Women’s Shelters
2007 – Rogers House