Dues and payments

Please help support your chapter so that we may continue to offer you opportunities to enjoy fun events and reconnect with long-time friends and former colleagues. Active members (i.e. current year’s dues are paid) will receive email notices of all events. They will also receive regular updates about, and be eligible for, opportunities from Johnson Home and Auto Insurance, and Goodlife Fitness and more.  Chapter membership dues are $15 per year.

Email money transfers are now accepted for your convenience when making payments for events and dues.  Send email to treasurer@bytownchapter.com(see tips below)

Those wishing to write a cheque should make it out to ‘Lise Jette’* and mailed to the following address:

HERITAGE CLUB (By-Town Chapter)

Cheques or cash can also be given to any member of the Executive Committee at an event.

Dues paid in advance for an upcoming year should be made by cheque, post-dated to January 1.

Enquiries about membership dues should be directed to treasurer@bytownchapter.com.

Tips for making payment by email money transfers
Before you can do this, you have to first be an online user with your bank. After that, sign in to your bank’s website, and look for a word or phrase like e-transfer or email transfer or send money.

1.  Click on the link, and you will be presented with a secure online form, asking for the recipient’s email address (treasurer@bytownchapter.com).  Follow all the instructions to complete and submit the form.
2.  Most banks will ask the sender (you) to create a password** that the recipient will have to know, as well as the details of the transaction (amount to be transferred from your account).
3.  After you’ve completed and submitted the online form, the recipient will get an email from the bank that the funds are waiting to be transferred.
4.  The recipient will click on the link provided in the email, and follow instructions on how to complete the transaction.

*Cheques made out to “Heritage Club” or “By-Town Chapter” can no longer be accepted.  Your Executive has been able to take advantage of an ‘over-60’ personal account (joint between President and Treasurer) offering benefits available to that age group, which helps the Chapter avoid a lot of the standard bank charges found with business accounts.  The Chapter’s records are audited each year.

**With respect to the password, if you do have to create one, it’s best not to ask for the name or place of employment, as that could be interpreted many ways (e.g. Head Office, or Canada Post, or Confederation Heights, or Building B, etc.) Our suggestion is to use something like “your first name”, which in the case of By-Town’s Treasurer would be Lise. If you prefer to create a different password, you’ll have to send a separate email to Lise (treasurer@bytownchapter.com) with that information.