Employees with 25 years of service or more and retirees with 10 years of service or more are entitled to join the Heritage Club.

To join the By-Town Chapter of the Club, simply send an email, including your name, address, phone number and start/end (if applicable) dates at Canada Post, to:

If you are changing from another chapter of the Club to By-Town Chapter, please indicate so, and copy the Club’s National president Bob Emmons at

Chapter membership dues are $15 per year.  The money collected helps support the chapter so that we may continue to offer opportunities to enjoy fun events and reconnect with long-time friends and former colleagues. Active members (i.e. current year’s dues are paid) will receive email notices of all events; those without computers will continue to receive print copies of four newsletters each year. Active members will also receive regular updates about, and be eligible for, opportunities from Johnson Home and Auto Insurance, and Goodlife Fitness. More information.

Membership descriptions

  1. Members must have at least 25 years of service with Canada Post Corporation or at least 10 years of service and be in receipt of a pension for Canada Post service.
  2. The spouse or partner of a Heritage Club member or eligible member is considered an Auxiliary member. Auxiliary members are not entitled to vote or hold office.
  3. An Associate member is an employee who is not eligible to be a member but has contributed 20 hours of community service on behalf of the Chapter. Associate members are not entitled to vote or hold office.

While all members are entitled to attend Chapter events, only those paying annual membership dues are entitled to member rates and discounts.

Full definitions of members can be found on pages 5 to 7 of the Chapter’s Constitution.