Founding members (1989)

“The following founding members of the By-Town chapter were selected because of their long and distinguished careers in the Postal Service, as well as their involvement in their communities. They represent impressive role models for generations to follow.”

J.B. Lockman, National Director, Heritage Club (1989)

Sam Bowman, retired 1978
Ronald W. Burnett, retired 1978 (deceased)
Earl Carriere, retired 1983
Vi Channon, retired 1984 (deceased)
J.H.L. Dumont, retired 1976
J. Gerry Fultz, retired 1978
James B. Gaunt, retired 1973
Maxym (Max) Lysack, retired 1983
Margaret McElroy, retired 1979
Philippe Mathieu, retired 1978 (deceased)
Daniel N. Mulvihill, retired 1987
Malcolm Murray, retired 1982 (deceased)
Joe Noonan, retired 1975
Charlie O’Shaughnessey, retired 1982
Ruby Rathwell, retired 1982 (deceased)
Gerard (Gerry) Raymond, retired 1984
Syd Smith, retired 1982
Ken Vickers, first president of the By-Town chapter, first president of the Club’s National executive

To our deceased founding members, your efforts and your dedication will be always remembered.  Rest in peace.