The motto of the Heritage Club is “people helping people.” Therefore, the primary criteria in choosing an annual cause of choice is that the charity exists to help people. There are many examples of charities that help people in different ways. For example, some charities work with animals to provide therapy to people in need. Other examples might include mental health support groups, groups offering activities for children with life-threatening or chronic illnesses.

In choosing a charity, the chapter Executive Committee considers the following criteria:

  • Is the charity small enough that it can benefit from our level of contribution?
  • Is it a local, community-based charity?
  • Does it provide services to people within our community or city?
  • If it is part of a larger organization, will the funds be used locally?
  • Does the charity operate within the social services sector, i.e. is its focus on providing basic needs and support to people?
  • Is it a registered charitable organization?

Donations are raised in a number of ways, from collections to auctions, etc.  The following are the causes collected for by the By-Town chapter since 2007.

2007 – Rogers House
2008 – Ottawa’s Seven Women’s Shelters
2009 – Hospice at May Court
2010, 2011 – Canada Post’s Foundation for Mental Health
2012, 2013 – Canada Post’s Community Foundation, Ottawa Therapy Dogs
2014 – Canada Post’s Community FoundationLiveWorkPlay
2015 – Canada Post’s Community Foundation
2016 – Canada Post’s Community Foundation, Najda Refugee Sponsors
017 – Canada Post’s Community FoundationBoots on the Ground and Gatineau Social Pediatric Centre