May Lunch Break and Bowl-a-thon – We saw you there!

Some 42 people turned up to bowl and/or lunch on May 5th at Merivale Bowling Centre, and from the squeals and sounds of laughter, it seemed everyone had a good time.At the lunch following the games, Claude talked about upcoming events, like our June lunch break at Host India (June 2)*, By-Town’s Mystery Bus Tour on July 9*, and the Niagara-on-the-Lake Winery Tour in October.  (*more information to come)


Anne-Marie Rossi Hughes is given a bouquet of flowers as a thank you for her support during the many years her husband Bob Hughes served as chapter president, recognizing that his leadership was complemented by that willing support.




Trish Edwards and Lise Jette were singled out and recognized by the Club for their contributions to the success of the Santa Letter-writing program at the local level.

The group combined fun with fundraising, raising some $170 for the chapter's 2016 Cause of Choice, Najda Refugee Sponsors.

The group combined fun with fundraising, raising some $170 for the chapter’s 2016 Cause of Choice, Najda Refugee Sponsors. Yay, us!

Check out the pictures!



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Some say that bowlers always have time to spare.  And if bowling is right up your alley (or even if it’s not), why not sign up for a couple of fun and friendly games on May 5, 11 a.m., at Merivale Bowling Centre, 1916 Merivale Road.  Join us afterward in the Centre’s restaurant (burgers, fries, pizza, wings, etc.) and make sure everyone knows you left no pin standing!

By-Town Chapter will sponsor members whose current year’s dues are up to date for two games, including shoe rental; however, participants are asked to pay $5 to Lise Jette on arrival, the full proceeds of which will go to our Cause of Choice, Najda Refugee Sponsors.  Contact Karen Casselman at to secure a spot on a team.  Please indicate whether you will a) bowl only, b) lunch only, or c) bowl and lunch.

Because that’s just how we roll in By-Town Chapter…


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