Santa’s last call for 2015 – all hands on deck…!

December 21 is the last Santa Heritage Day this year, in the Conference Centre at 2701 Riverside Drive.  

By-Town members have been doing an outstanding job this year, standing by in this abbreviated Christmas season, and then stepping up to help the big guy turn around his replies quickly and efficiently.  Thank you – Santa simply couldn’t do it all without you!

Monday is the last day and the last push to get answers in the mail to ensure they are received before Christmas day, and there are still many bundles to clear!  Any help he can get will be appreciated by him and by all the little ones waiting to hear from him.  If you haven’t been involved in our Heritage Days before or this year, PLEASE consider doing so now – every little bit helps lighten the load for everyone. (As always, spouses are welcome!)

If you will able to help out, please take the time to register now with Claude at or Lise at

Spend an hour or the day – whatever time you have available is appreciated. (As always, spouses are welcome!)

The final 2015 workshop moves to the Conference Centre, as we blitz the remaining letters with employees in an effort to ‘clear the workshop floor’ before Christmas.

The doors will open at 8:30 a.m.  When you arrive, present yourself to the Security desk, identify yourself as a Heritage Club member who is helping answer letters to Santa, and someone will arrive to sign you in and guide you to the workshop.

Please park at the Brookfield Road lot, which is closest to the cafeteria. Fees will be reimbursed from this lot ONLY (parking expenses from other nearby lots will be reimbursed only if the Brookfield parking is full).

If you plan to be there for several hours, lunch is being provided.

RESERVE A BUNDLE (no longer possible)
The option to reserve a bundle to take and reply at home is not available for this final session, as all replies must be in the mail before the end of the day.

Once again, please register for this activity with Claude Bruneau at or Lise Jette at

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