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Read on for the most recently issued Heritage Club National newsletter.  Members are encouraged to visit frequently, beginning January 2016, for more updates.  

The NATIONAL Update                                                November 1st, 2015

  • We met in Ottawa with CPC Head Office Executives on October 28 to 30th to discuss the issues that our member Chapters had identified as important to them, and to review activities for the coming year.
  • On the subject of what drugs are covered by Great West Life for our members, Bob Emmons has sent out a link to a page that lists all the drugs covered, as well as an exemption form to fill out for additional coverage.
  • The status of the pension issues: with a change in government, the status is presently unclear. Also, the Consultation group made up of the different union representatives has only just been selected in September. The CPC Execs we talked to thought we would probably get more information only early next year.
  • On the subject of the proposed CPC Alumni web site and more communications for retirees, it was suggested we should look to the site for any current information. The alumni site is still under consideration, but this may change.
  • We have had two resignations/retirements from the Heritage Club: Ed Nichols, President of Humber, and Bernie Bougie, of Confederation. Thanks to both for your many years of service and devotion. Diane Biggs took over as Acting President for Ed, and Lise Miville-Dechene took over from Bernie: welcome to both.
  • Bob Emmons will be calling every Chapter in the coming months to answer any questions you may have and obtain some feedback from your Chapters.
  • Gary Fisher, President of Chapter 29, is presently putting his past experience to good use by compiling a guide to hosting AGM’s in the future.


Prepared by your National Executive:    Bob Emmons, President
J.P. Leguerrier, 1st Vice President
Gary Fisher, 2nd V-P
Harold Onagi, 3rd V-P
Nick Ronski, Treasurer

The NATIONAL Update Nov. 1st

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