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Dear By-Town Heritage Club:  They say a picture is worth a thousand words… It may seem like my timing is way off, but I wanted to wait to send our official “Thank you” until I had a few pictures (click more, below) to share with you that really capture the end result of your work. Once again, when we asked for help from the By-Town chapter, your team responded. A small but mighty group jumped on their PCs and tablets to provide us with your opinions and guidance on which of the over 1400 applications for funding we received should make their way through the review process. Your help brought us down to about 200 applications that were reviewed by our Board of Trustees. Their decisions brought us to a final tally of 107 organizations—across Canada—that shared in $1.2 million of funding.

Those organizations are all working hard to deliver a brighter future for our nation’s most precious resource – our children. Our Foundation is a worthy funding vehicle because it supports causes both large and small… You have helped libraries, schools, daycare centres, hospitals, community centres, crisis centres, food banks, etc., to better serve communities and give our children and youth a better life. In some cases, it gives them a fighting chance. In the past three years, the Foundation has provided more than $4 million in assistance to help build community centres, added hospital beds and equipment, create sports and breakfast programs, and ensure children in need have access to crisis lines, tutoring, anti-bullying initiatives, mental health clinics and playgrounds.

Penny Glover, Lise Jette, Claude Bruneau, Walter Gifford, Trish Edwards, Richard Daoust and Laurie Ryan… Your help with the grant review process, and your chapter’s continued support for the Foundation (we love those cheques and they turn into great work!), is critical to its success. Thank you!


A few examples of your effort’s results can be seen in the attached pictures. And, while this video was created for our Retail team (hoping to inspire them to raise more money for next year’s grant pot!), its message of “what your grant means to us” is relevant to anyone who plays a role in the Foundation’s work.

Thank you!

Cindy, Christiane and Kristelle
(Cindy Daoust, Christiane Tailleur and Kristelle Brovkovich, Canada Post)

P.S. See all of you soon! Santa is already receiving mail and has asked when he’ll see his favourite elves again!

Community Foundation

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