Last surge of Christmas 2014 letters – January 7

Some 9,000 letters to Santa arrived too late to be answered by Christmas, so the big guy is looking for a last push of elf-magic to get replies out.  If you can help, the cafeteria workshop will be open again on the 7th after 9 a.m.
(For after-Christmas letters, all that’s required is to address envelopes, so if you prefer to take home bundles, that can be arranged.)
Please register with Lise Jette at


Please park at the Brookfield Road lot, which is closest to the cafeteria.  Fees will be reimbursed from this lot ONLY (parking expenses from other nearby lots will be reimbursed only if the Brookfield parking is full).

If you plan to be there for several hours, please bring your lunch.  Of course, you can simply purchase food and beverage at the cafeteria if you prefer.

Again, please register with Lise Jette at

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