We saw you there – week 3! Santa’ 2012 Letter-writing ‘Heritage Days’

Santa sends big thanks to all the postal elves who have turned out to spend some time together helping the big guy answer letters he’s received at the North Pole from children around the world.  (Pictures!)Week 3
Volunteers: Gail Curran, Ed Miller, Jean Miller, Anne-Marie Rossi Hughes, Helen Witkowski, Gilbert Jacques, Heidi Mersich, Paul Elford, Bruce Fletcher and his wife Marge, Ed Borza, Murray Hogan, Lise Jetté and Claude Bruneau.   Postal elves Ghyslaine and Brian Albert, André Gannon, Eileen Lalonde picked up some bundles to answer later.  Check out pictures from week 3! 

Number of hours volunteered in Week 3: 84 hours
Number of letters answered: more than 1400 letters

Week 2
Volunteers: Gail Curran, Nora Delaney, Jean Miller, Ed Miller, Anne-Marie Rossi Hughes, Bob Hughes, Helen Witkowski, Eileen Lalonde, Andrée Gannon, Gilbert Jacques, Penny Glover, Heidi Mersich, Paul Elford, Lise Jetté, Bruce Fletcher, Ed Borza, and Claude Bruneau. Check out the pictures!

Number of letters answered week 2: 500
Number of hours volunteered: 60 hours

Week 1
Volunteers: Ed Borza, Nora Delaney, Helen Witkowski, Gilbert Jacques, Penny Glover, Paul Elford, Heidi Mersich, Bernice Martin-Delcorde, Cal Anstey, Claude Bruneau, Lise Jette for their able assistance at Santa Central.   Nicole Lalonde, Ghyslaine and Brian Albert, and Eileen Lalonde lent a hand as well.

Number of letters done: 700
Number of hours volunteered: a little over 65 hours


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