Santa’s Workshop Week 2 – We saw you there!

Are we making a difference?  Canada Post’s new president, Deepak Chopra, thinks so.  He stopped by on December 8th to thank us for our contributions to the Santa Letter-writing program.  He answered questions, and shared with us a bit about his vision of Canada Post’s future.  See picture below.

Week 2
Number of volunteers:  15
Number of hours volunteered:  more than 900!
Number of letters answered: 1570 !

A huge thank you to the following people for coming out on December 8th:
Murray Hogan; Suzanne St-Denis; Janet Mismas; Gail Curran; Heidi Mersich; Nora Delaney; Gilbert Jacques; Valerie Fox; Laura Reynolds; Andree Gannon; Cal Anstey; Lise Jette; Claude Bruneau; Trish Edwards; Helen Witkowski

The next ‘Heritage day’ at Santa’s workshop at Head Office (2701 Riverside Drive) – Week 3 –  is December 15th.

Mark your calendars also for Week 4 – December 20th and 21st!
The following week is the last one before Christmas.  Canada Post is organizing an Employee Blitz on the 20th in the Head Office Conference Centre to ensure that all letters received to date get a reply from Santa before Christmas, and By-Town members are welcome and encouraged to participate from 10:00 to 2:00 p.m.  Our last Heritage Day will be the 21st.  We hope you can make it to help out on one of these days.

Please register – if you haven’t already – so that we may provide you with further instructions or updates. Munchies will be provided to volunteers, and parking will be paid.

Please register with Claude Bruneau by email at for further details.

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