Fostering entrepreneurial spirit in our youth

Everyone agrees that providing an education for our youth is important.  But just as important for them is getting opportunities to apply and reinforce concepts studied in the classroom.  The Learning Partnership is looking for volunteers for 2013 January to April. A training session will be held in early December for those that would like to take part.The Learning Partnership’s Entrepreneurial Adventure program—in  Ottawa and across Canada—is a hands-on, entrepreneurial journey that allows students to learn from business mentors and be involved in something exciting and real toward that end.

Through this program, students and their teachers from Grades 2 to 12 are paired with volunteer business partners.  Together, they create a ‘company’ with an actual product that must be marketed and sold in the real world, with all proceeds going to a charity of the students’ choice.

The business partners are individuals—working or retired—who come from prominent companies like BMO, TD Financial, MBNA, and Canada Post.  Using their knowledge and expertise, they help cultivate the spirit of adventure and enterprise, risk and reward, as well as sense of satisfaction that come from transforming an idea into reality.

Volunteers give about four hours per month between January and April, working in the classroom, guiding the students to ‘live’ their curriculum, and teaching them genuine entrepreneurial skills.  They enter into an authentic partnership with the teacher, as together they discuss how best to foster and instill appropriate business practices in the students. For an investment of four hours a month for four months, volunteers have the opportunity to ‘pay it forward,’ not only for our students but for the future of our country.  You can find more information about The Learning Partnership and the Entrepreneurial Adventure experience here.

Business volunteers are urgently needed in Ottawa … now!  If you have a spare four hours a month and would like to help, contact The Learning Partnership’s Torre Hansson, Project Manager for the Greater Ottawa Area, by email at or by telephone at 613-837-0570.

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