Hudson trip an 11 on a scale of 1-10!

The Hudson trip on August 7th went off without a hitch. 

As planned, we arrived at Finnigans Flea Market at 10:00am.  The weather was perfect. It made walking around to view the many booths quite comfortable.   There were a lot of vendors selling antiques, art, jewellery and clothing, and many purchases were made.

At 12:00, off it was to the Willow Place Inn for lunch.  The road to the Willow Place parallels the St. Lawrence, and the scenery was unreal, with million dollar cottages nestled between the huge pine trees that line the shore.

Lunch at the restaurant was excellent.  As a result of the good weather, the view over the river to Oka was spectacular, with numerous boats and birds active on the St. Lawrence.  From comments received, the group thoroughly enjoyed the restaurant, and this was confirmed by the level of chatter coming from the various tables.

With lunch finished around  2:30 pm, the group pretty well unanimously voted to shop or look around downtown Hudson — another good move for the merchants of Hudson…  particularly Priscilla’s Beautiful Finds (which is where Jean and I purchased a lot of the  gifts that were given away at one of the previous Christmas luncheons).

At 3:30pm, we were back on the road and made it back to Canada Post Place around 5:00pm as planned.

Walter Terentiuk, you did a great job as MC!  Everyone loved your stories — you had them “rollin in the aisles.”

The service from the 417 bus driver and the Willow Place Inn staff was excellent.  I will send thank you notes to management at both establishments.

Some $47.00 was collected for the “Happy Van”, which is circulated at chapter gatherings for donations to the chapter’s Cause of Choice, this year Canada Post’s Foundation for Mental Health.

People told me that the day just sped by.  We made a lot of new friends, and I think the event really brought everyone together, with a lot of fun and laughter.
Ed Miller, event organizer

Pictures courtesy of Karren Morley.

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