Monthly luncheon locations

A discussion was held at our 2010 annual meeting about future locations for our monthly luncheons.  Many members present seemed very satisfied at Perkins, so we returned there in May.  The names of other locations have been submitted, and we are considering each for their suitability.  As a result, the location may change occasionally in the short term while we locate one that meets all of our needs. If there are any others you wish us to consider, please don’t hesitate to pass along its name to any member of the Chapter executive.

NB The June luncheon will be held at Carlingwood Family Restaurant in the Carlingwood Shopping Centre.

Our upcoming locations will always be noted on our website.  To those of you without internet access, please feel free to call the Chapter office at (613) 734-8640 to ensure you’re headed to the right location and don’t get “left behind.”  We hope to settle at one permanent location soon, and in the meantime, we thank you for your patience.

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